Shrine of Mary Help of Christians
Don Bosco Upperhill


The Catholic Men’s Association (CMA) mission is to bring together all Catholic men into a Christian Community where they share God’s Word. They also equip them with skills to help them reach their God given potential as Christian leaders and witnesses in the Church and Communities. The group currently runs two programs: –

1. The Rite of Passage
It seeks to “mould our children by developing their spiritual, emotional, social, physical and cultural values to enable them to take up responsibilities individually, at home and in society”. The program targets boys and girls in class 7. The exercises are conducted during school holidays and the participants graduate in December and are managed by CMA / CWA facilitators and counselors. The boys are circumcised while the girls are initiated into womanhood by understanding of the changes in their bodies, sexuality, adolescent and chastity.

2. The Man Enough
It is aim to “unleash the man within” to be men of honor. It is run under the Transform Nations initiative, an NGO focused on community transformation through responsible masculinity and transformative leadership based on bible-based Christian values. This eight week program calls on men to lead in service as sons, brothers, fathers and husbands in their families and society.