Shrine of Mary Help of Christians
Don Bosco Upperhill

A word from the Parish Priest

FR_Abel_NjeruHic Domus Mea, inde Gloria Mea – (Here is my house, from here comes my glory)
Then David the king went in and sat before the LORD, and he said, “Who am I, O Lord GOD, and what is my house, that You have brought me this far?” 2 Sam 7:18.

There is a time in the history of Israel, when David its king had achieved a great deal in establishing a beautiful cedar mansion for himself, even though it was constructed through the input of Hiram. Comparing with it the shack of a tent that housed the Ark of the Covenant, David then began to have thoughts of wanting to build a decent house for the one who chose him as king.
A similar thing happened to Don Bosco, the saint of Turin. Seeing how the Madonna was accompanying him and his nascent works, Don Bosco, like King David, began to have thoughts of doing something good for The Help of Christians. In 1862, Don Bosco said to Fr. Cagliero – one of his oratory boys who later become cardinal Cagliero: “Our Lady wants us to honour her with the title of Mary Help of Christians. The times are so sad that we need the Holy Virgin to help us preserve and defend the Christian faith.”
In 1864, the saint had a dream in which Our Lady pointed to a specific spot and said: “Hic domus mea, inde gloria mea.” (Here is my house, from here comes my glory). In his mind Don Bosco could clearly see the house. At that exact spot Don Bosco would later build a Shrine to the Madonna, a work that was completed in 1868.
I share the sentiments of King David and of my father Don Bosco in the beginning of my participation in the life of the Shrine community, a servant of God’s servants. As a “proud” son of Don Bosco I wish to mark my gratitude to God for this great gift: that I should serve in the beautiful house of our Lady, where I was ordained priest in May 2007. I thank God for making me a witness of the Glory of the Mother of His Son, the Help of Christians, which flows from her beautiful Shrine in Upper Hill. It is the Lord himself in His mercy that has brought us this far, unworthy as we may be. Praised be His holy name. Click to Read more

Fr. Abel Njeru, SDB Shrine Director/Parish Priest                                                  

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